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This scheme is currently closed


The GCRF GIAA will enable us to lever additional impact from existing UKRI or GCRF funded research across all 6 academic Schools and cross-School research programmes and initiatives.


The purpose of the GIAA is to accelerate the ODA impact from

  1. previous UKRI funded research (either ODA or non-ODA) or

  2. GCRF funded research (by UKRI, Academies or other delivery partners)


Eligible activity

UKRI are particularly keen for GIAA funds to be used to support:

  • Business innovation

    • Activities which are supporting private sector engagement and progression along commercialisation pipelines

  • Policy and Practice innovation

    • Projects should actively seek to engage with policy makers, practitioners and to inform policy

  • Capacity building to support innovation in Low and Middle Income Countries (LMIC) Universities and Research Organisations

    • This includes but is not limited to; researchers, RO (Research Organisation) support staff and students

  • Impacts within lowest income countries are particularly encouraged


Applications for funding should also be in line with the following guidance from UKRI:

  • All activities must be defined at the project level, with the desired outcomes and measures of success identified from the outset. 

  • GIAA funding can be used to support justified costs of RO partners within LMICs

  • GIAA funds should not be used to initiate new research or develop potential future research projects.

  • GIAA funds are not intended to support general networking events. Meetings should be purposeful, targeted around impact, knowledge exchange or LMIC focussed capacity building.

    • Workshops or meetings where the beneficiaries are UK academics or RO staff should not be supported. This includes impact workshops which aim to educate UK researchers how to recognise and accelerate impact.

    • Funding should not be used to develop the capacity of the RO in delivering Official Development Assistance (ODA) research or impact

    • Capacity building can be focussed on LMIC ROs

    • Meetings with a sole purpose of networking and that do not have clear next steps should not be supported

    • GIAA funding can be used for workshops and meetings which intend to increase impact by engaging broader audiences outside of academia and outside of existing collaborations

  • Activities should not be overly focussed on UK academia. GIAA funds should look to develop partnerships and collaborations with non-academic organisations, such as NGOs, business, policy makers, etc.

  • GIAA funding should not be used to fund activities more appropriate to other GCRF funding streams, such as QR funds, GCRF network grants etc.  It should not duplicate activities funded by other IAAs.

  • GIAA should not be used to support impact activities associated with non-UKRI and non-GCRF awards (e.g. funded exclusively by DFID, Wellcome, NIHR, Charities etc).

  • GIAA must not support non-ODA compliant activities.


Applying for funding

The GCRF Global Impact Acceleration Account provides flexible funding options designed to create impact in an international development context, through an open competitive process advertised across the University.


Here are our current funding calls:

1. GIAA Impact Fund

2. GIAA Rapid Response Impact Fund


1. GIAA Impact Fund

The Impact Fund provides flexible funding for projects which test new tools and experimental strategies for early stage research translation and/or support engagement with policy-makers and practitioners which will benefit countries on the DAC list.

Projects ranging in value up to £30,000 will be supported. Projects must be completed by 31 March 2019. Bids for testing experimental or innovative approaches are welcome. 

Awards will be made available to fund work which will significantly increase the probability of the ideas and findings generated by research having an impact on the private, public and third sector. The awards are not for the continuation of research. Applications should therefore focus on the development of impact activities and outputs and not on research.

The Impact Fund grants can be used to support staff on the project, consumables, travel, etc. Only direct costs are eligible. The funds cannot be used to support students or to cover PI time.

Please send all enquiries to

In terms of reporting, please submit a final report  within a month after the completion of the project (and no later than by 30 April 2019).


2. GIAA Rapid Response Impact Fund

The Rapid Response Impact Fund is available to fund tactical opportunities in short time scales, which require a quick response, envisioned to influence governmental, national or international debate. This could include, but is not limited to, activities such as dissemination costs, travel costs, holding a stakeholder workshop, or a short-term impact project benefitting countries on the DAC list.

Funding of up to £2,000 is available per application.

Please send all enquiries to

A final report will be required within a month of the completion of the project (and no later than 30 April 2019).