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Research Strategy Office


 We are based in The Old Schools on Trinity Lane, Cambridge, CB2 1TT

Peter Hedges

Head of University Research Office & Executive REF Manager

(3) 39093

Lisa Christie

Business Operations Manager

(3) 32271

Sri Aitken

Finance & HR Co-ordinator

(7) 65418

Anna Allen General Administrator (7) 67916

Helen Gaughan

General Administrator

(7) 61443

Research Funding

Gordana Najdanovic

Head of Research Funding

(3) 32219

Irene Pala Senior Research Funding Coordinator (3) 33672

Sarah Lamont

Research Funding Coordinator

(7) 48099

Magda Bergman Research Funding Coordinator

Impact Acceleration

Claire McGlynn

Head of Impact Acceleration

(3) 32403

Elana McNaught

CARES Coordinator

(7) 62690

Arti Sheth Thorne

IAA Project Co-ordinator
Selen Etingu-Breslaw Public Engagement and Impact Coordinator
Caroline Reynolds Bioscience Impact Facilitator

Tina Basi

ESRC Impact Facilitator

(7) 62691

REF Team

David Bolwerk

REF Manager

Rosalyn Gregory

Research Initiatives and Evaluation Manager

Deputy REF Manager Environment

(7) 66528
Anna Davies Senior REF Impact Coordinator
Diane Lister REF Impact Coordinator (3) 36633
Amaya Camara-Campos REF Impact Coordinator 7) 64987

Marwah Hassan (maternity leave)

Senior REF Impact Coordinator

 (3) 35641

Mike Roberts

Senior REF Project Coordinator

(3) 36156

Stephanie Swain

Deputy REF Manager (Impact)

(7) 62695

Ben Earley

Senior REF Impact Coordinator

(7) 65679

Matt Thomson

REF Impact Coordinator

(7) 65699

REF Team Administration

REF Team Administration


Research Information

Owen Roberson

Head of Research Information

(3) 32407

Emma Bonsall

Research Information Coordinator

(3) 32275

Steve Wooding Senior Research Information Analyst (3) 30302
Silvia Lucato-Hadeler Research Information Analyst (7) 48093
Agnieszka Plywaczyk Research Information Analyst (3) 30726
Becky Ioppolo Research Associate

Fiorella Dell’Olio

Research Information Analyst

(7) 48092'

Richard Lamont

Management Information Analyst

(7) 65873

Research Governance &

Sinead Healy

Research Governance Facilitator

(7) 65445

Paulina Pieprzyca

Research Programme Coordinator

(7) 65145

Rhys Morgan

Head of Policy, Integrity and Governance

(3) 32263

Nadine Tschacksch Export Control Facilitator

Strategic Research Reviews

Rosalyn Gregory

Research Initiatives and Evaluation Manager

​Deputy REF Manager (Environment)

(7) 66528