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Institutional sponsorship grants are awarded to the University to strategically support selected thematic areas. The Research Strategy Office coordinates the following grants:


EPSRC Impact Acceleration Account 

The EPSRC Impact Acceleration Account (IAA) provides the University with resources to deliver impact and work on the exploitation of outcomes from its EPSRC research portfolio, with the key objective of shortening the time to impact. The IAA brings together support for secondments, early stage commercialisation, developing new partnerships and reaching out to researchers who do not normally engage in commercialisation activities.

ESRC Impact Acceleration Account 

The aim of the ESRC Impact Acceleration Account is to enhance the exploitation of the outputs of social science research in the University. The delivery of the ESRC IAA programme is overseen by the ESRC IAA Academic Director and Executive Steering Group, comprising senior academics. The ESRC IAA Coordinator is providing support to the Academic Director and the Executive Group and delivering the programme.

GCRF Global Impact Acceleration Account

The aim of the GCRF Impact Acceleration Account (GIAA) is to enhance the exploitation of the outputs of research in the University that falls within the GCRF remit. The delivery of the GIAA programme is overseen by the GCRF Academic Director and Executive Steering Group. The GCRF IAA is managed by the University Research Office.

GCRF QR Funding

The aim of the GCRF QR funds will be available to support a wide range of initiatives compliant with the ODA guidelines (the list of ODA eligible countries is available here). The University will make this funding available through 3 different schemes:

·         Scheme 1: Pump-Priming Fund

·         Scheme 2: Travel and Networking Fund

·         Scheme 3: Response Fund

The Wellcome Trust Institutional Strategic Support Fund (ISSF) 

The fund provides UK-based universities with an opportunity to invest in strategic areas of importance across their portfolio. The Wellcome Trust ISSF scheme currently supports two funding calls at Cambridge:

Isaac Newton Trust / University of Cambridge Early Career Support Scheme 

This grant scheme aims to provide research support to the recently appointed University Lecturers in the Schools of Physical Sciences and Technology.

Institutional Sponsorship Grants handled outside the RSO:

Arts and Humanities Impact Fund

Bioscience Impact Team - Internal Funding

Cambridge in Africa

Cambridge Africa Alborada Research Fund

Cambridge Humanities Research Grants

DAAD - Cambridge Collaboration

Herchel Smith Fellowships

Impact Research Awards and Prizes

MRC Confidence in Concept

Wellcome Trust Developing Concept Fund

Wellcome Trust Access to Expertise

Cambridge-LMU Strategic Partnership First Call