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Research Strategy Office


The Restricted Bids Selection Committee is a sub-committee of the Research Policy Committee and its role is to assess competing applications for restricted calls. The Restricted Bids Selection Committee comprises the Heads of Schools, a further RPC member from each School, and additional 4 members nominated by each School. The PVC (Research) is the Chair of the Sub-Committee and the secretary is an officer from the Research Strategy Office responsible for coordination of restricted calls.

The members of the Restricted Bids Selection Committee whose academic interests fall in the area of the call will be convened, either in person or virtually, to advise the PVC (Research) on the appropriate bid(s) for submission.

Current Committee Members


Chair: Prof Anne Ferguson-Smith, PVC (Research)


School of Arts and Humanities

School of Humanities and Social Sciences

Prof Chris Young, Head

Prof Tim Harper, Head

Prof Henriette Hendriks

Prof Jude Browne

Dr Nathan MacDonald

Prof Matthew Collins

Dr Alexander Marr

Prof Karen Coats

Prof Maire Ni Mhaonaigh Prof Joel Robbins

Dr Philippa Steele

Prof Ulinka Rublack


School of Biological Sciences

School of Physical Sciences

Prof Anna Philpott, Head

Prof Nigel Peake, Head

Prof Sarah-Jayne Blakemore Prof Jeremy Baumberg

Prof Sarah Bray

Prof Marie Edmonds

Prof Daniel St Johnston

Prof Chris Hunter

Prof Julian Parkhill

Prof Ioannis Kontoyiannis

Prof Eske Willerslev

Prof Clive Oppenheimer

School of Clinical Medicine

School of Technology

Prof Patrick Maxwell, Head

Prof John Dennis, Head

Prof Marek Czosnyka

Prof Abir Al-Tabbaa (temporary leave)

Prof Sadaf Farooqi

Prof Michael Barrett (temporary leave)

Prof Simon Griffin Dr Ruchi Choudhary (interim cover)

Prof Ziad Mallatt

Prof Vincent Mak (interim cover)
Prof David Ron Prof Richard Penty
  Prof Rodolphe Sepulchre (interim cover)
  Dr Andreas Vlachos


Prof Garth Wells (temporary leave)

Please note: Further Committee members will be added to this web page as soon as their nominations have been confirmed by Schools.