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Research Strategy Office


Cambridge has a vibrant and dynamic community of entrepreneurs turning new ideas from research into commercial products and services such as AgaMatrix, Biobullets, Enval or Geomerics.

Cambridge Enterprise was formed by the University of Cambridge to help staff and students commercialise their expertise and ideas for the benefit of the global community. Cambridge Enterprise comprises three main teams:


Our Consultancy Services team supports staff, researchers and students when they are approached for help from external organisations. The team handles the majority of communication with an organisation that can otherwise distract from the transfer of knowledge.

Technology Transfer

The Technology Transfer team works with researchers on ideas from their University research that have commercial potential. The team’s goal is to create opportunities that are attractive to external organisations that have the resources to develop and commercialise them.

Seed Funds

Through direct investment and networking facilitation, our Seed Funds team is able to support academics and students as they build teams and raise the finances needed to develop their ideas.

Further information about Cambridge Enterprise

The University Innovation and Enterprise Network website provides useful information on further sources of support for innovation and enterprise.