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The EPSRC IAA calls below are currently closed


EPSRC Impact Acceleration Account (IAA) Funding scheme 2022-2025

EPSRC has awarded the University funding for impact under the Impact Acceleration Account (IAA) scheme since 2012, to generate impact from our EPSRC research portfolio through a series of impact support schemes which promote wider and more effective engagement with the impact agenda. The EPSRC IAA grant is managed by the Research Strategy Office, on behalf of the Pro Vice Chancellor for Research. 

The latest round of funding for 2022-2025 was awarded under the new IAA Harmonised Scheme (more information here). The University’s overarching aims under this scheme are to develop: 

  • Entrepreneurship, technology transfer and commercialisation ​ 

  • Long-term business engagement and partnerships​   

  • Policy impact ​  

  • Social and cultural impact​  

Open Calls

EPSRC Impact Acceleration Account Knowledge Mobilisation Fellowship Scheme 

Call opens: 22nd November 2023 

Call closes: 26th February 2024 at 16.00 

Total Project Award: Up to £70,000 (direct costs only) 

Project Length: Max. duration 9 months (Earliest start date 8th April 2024, finishing 7th February 2025 at the latest) 


The EPSRC IAA Knowledge Mobilisation Fellowship Scheme aims to enable impact through the two-way exchange of knowledge, expertise and/or research between the university and non-academic partners (industrial partners, policymakers and the third sector). This funding enables inward (from partner into the university) or outward (from the university into the partner) placements and secondments to strengthen relationships, exchange knowledge, deliver innovation projects, expand skills and collaborate more broadly with partners beyond academia to bring benefits to all parties involved. 

EPSRC Impact Acceleration Account: Early-stage Commercialisation Fund 2024 

Calls opens: 13th November 2023 

Call closes: 16th February 2024 at 16.00 

Awards: Up to £100,000. Maximum duration 9 months (Earliest start date 1st April 2024, finishing 31st January 2025 at the latest) 

The IAA Early-stage Commercialisation Fund aims to enhance the commercial exploitation of Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) research areas. This funding helps bridge the gap between academic research and commercialisation by supporting the early stages of commercialisation of technologies, to make ideas more attractive for further commercial investment. 

Before applying

Please read the Guidance and assessment criteria documents for full details on these calls. It is also advisable reading the general IAA Terms and Conditions

Knowledge Mobilisation Fellowships Scheme Guidance and assessment criteria 

Please read the Early-stage Commercialisation Fund Guidance and assessment criteria document for full details on this call. 

It is also advisable reading the general IAA Terms and Conditions


Potential applicants are encouraged to contact their departmental Knowledge Transfer Facilitator or Cambridge Enterprise for advice before submitting an application. If your department does not have a Knowledge Transfer Facilitator, please contact either the IAA team or Cambridge Enterprise

How to apply

Application process is through our IAA Application Submission System, please select the relevant call from the drop down menu.


You will need: 

  • Outline details of the project in the IAA Application Submission System 

  • A completed application form, including the signature of the HoD 

  • A copy of the draft project costing X5 (use IAA template) 

  • A letter of support from any external partners (if applicable) 

  • Any additional documents, such as a Gantt chart showing the intended project timeline, as appropriate 

Please note the submission system only accepts PDF documents 

Submit your application here 

For any questions regarding EPSRC IAA, please contact the IAA team at the Research Strategy Office:

Who can apply?

Knowledge Mobilisation Fellowships Scheme 

Outward Fellowship: Applications are welcomed from Early Career Researchers (PhD needs to have been successfully completed – viva and corrections completed, but not official award needed) and Principal Investigators employed in any University department. 

Inward Fellowship: Principal Investigators employed in any University department can apply to host a named individual from a non-academic partner organisation.  

Fellowships need to have a core focus in Engineering and Physical Sciences remit knowledge but collaborations with other disciplines is in the scope of this call and are encouraged. Please note that, in contrast to previous EPSRC IAAs, previous/current EPSRC funding is NOT a requirement. 

Applications from Early Career Researchers are encouraged, although consultation with supervisory team is recommended before application.  

Collaborations with non-academic partners in which a lead applicant is involved in any way (e.g. company ownership, science board membership, etc.) are ineligible for IAA funding.    

Early-stage Commercialisation Fund 

Applications are welcomed from Principal Investigators and ECRs employed in any University department to develop ideas that fall within EPSRC’s remit.

If your project spans council remits (e.g. BBSRC and EPSRC), please contact before submission to discuss potential co-funding considerations.

The project must be based on identifiable intellectual property which already exists before the start of the project which is ready for exploitation, for example a patent application or a considerable body of software. Please note that, in contrast to previous EPSRC IAAs, previous/current EPSRC funding is NOT a requirement. 

Applications from Early Career Researchers with PIs as co-applicants are encouraged.   

What activities can be funded?

Knowledge Mobilisation Fellowships Scheme 

Secondments/placements of up to 9 months into or from a non-academic partner organisation. The grant will cover direct costs only to a maximum of £70,000.  

Example of objectives for the activity include spending time at a partner’s location to exchange knowledge (e.g. embed new research findings or understand the partner’s challenges), skills development or relationship building. 

Early-stage Commercialisation Fund 

Projects should focus on formulating a robust business idea with strong potential to secure commercial support from venture capital or seed funds. Successful applications should; demonstrate the potential to significantly increase the probability of commercialisation; be based on an evidenced ‘proof-of-concept’ model and/or aim to demonstrate technical viability alongside the preparation of a robust business plan. 

For eligible costs and more information please see the full guidance document.