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COVID19 Rapid Response Grants 2020

The University’s institutional grants for translational research and impact acceleration have come together to launch this cross-disciplinary funding scheme.

Funding is available for translational research projects across all disciplines which have credible potential impact in tackling the COVID19 pandemic. We expect to fund projects to start immediately or in a very short timescale. Funded projects will be expected to achieve successful outcomes in a short space of time and to be completed within one year.

GCRF Global Impact Acceleration Account

The aim of the GCRF Impact Acceleration Account (GIAA) is to enhance the exploitation of the outputs of research in the University that falls within the GCRF remit. The delivery of the GIAA programme is overseen by the GCRF Academic Director and Executive Steering Group. The GCRF IAA is managed by the University Research Office.

GCRF QR Funding

The aim of the GCRF QR funds will be available to support a wide range of initiatives compliant with the ODA guidelines (the list of ODA eligible countries is available here). The University will make this funding available through 3 different schemes:

  • Scheme 1: Pump-Priming Fund
  • Scheme 2: Travel and Networking Fund
  • Scheme 3: Response Fund