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The Impact through Engagement series is a collection of films on how University of Cambridge social science and economics researchers maximise impact from their research through engaging non-academic partners.


Professor Anna Vignoles

Faculty of Education

Professor Anna Vignoles, Professor of Education at the Faculty of Education, undertakes research into how students can improve their academic achievements and help them develop the skills they need in the labour market. Anna has a particular interest in researching the inequalities seen in access to education (globally) and, in the UK content, the lower levels of educational success of children from poorer families. She also studies the economic and social outcomes from education. For many years she has partnered with educational charities and government departments to maximise impact from her research. 


Dr Neil Stott and Dr Michelle Fava

Cambridge Centre for Social Innovation

Cambridge Judge Business School

Dr Neil Stott and Dr Michelle Fava, researchers from Cambridge Centre for Social Innovation (based in the Cambridge Judge Business School), work with community organisations across the UK to enable them to be more socially and economically innovative. 


Professor Bhaskar Vira

Department of Geography

Conservation Research Institute

Professor Bhaskar Vira, Professor of Political Economy at Department of Geography and Director of the University of Cambridge Conservation Research Institute, is interested in how the changing political economy impacts environment and development, especially in South Asia; with a particular interest in the political ecology of forests, water, food, wildlife and land use change and the social and political context for biodiversity conservation. He works collaboratively with environmental and conservation NGOs to exchange knowledge, co-produce resources and to better inform policymakers and the public of more effective strategies and policies for achieving biodiversity conservation and more sustainable world.


Professor Catherine Barnard

Faculty of Law

Professor Catherine Barnard, Professor of European Law and Labour Law, at the Faculty of Law, University of Cambridge, engaged local Cambridgeshire communities with her ESRC-funded research on the EU migrants, social benefits and working law. Catherine organised community events, talks and workshops to (i) survey and collect data on the attitudes of the British public towards the EU, Brexit and EU migrant workers, and (ii) disseminate her research findings on the Brexit and its consequences to the UK. Through her engagement work, not only has the public become better informed and more confident in discussing complex and polarising political and socioeconomic issues, but also become the integral part of the research process, thus adding immense value to Catherine's research. Catherine's work has been rewarded with the University of Cambridge Vice-Chancellor's Public Engagement with Research Award in 2017. 

Professor Michael Pollitt

Energy Policy Research Group

Cambridge Judge Business School

Professor Michael Pollitt, Professor of Business Economics and Assistant Director of the Energy Policy Research Group at Judge Business School, researches current and past trends in the national and global energy policy landscape. This particularly includes: efficiency analysis of energy companies and markets; regulation of network industries; economics of energy demand. For many years Michael has advised national and international energy regulators, government departments and energy industry sector to shape more effective and resilient policies and strategies for energy infrastructure, security and management.

The Impact through Engagement films have been funded through the University of Cambridge ESRC Impact Acceleration Account 2014-2019 Award, ES/M500409/1.