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University staff and students should be aware that the storage and handling of security-sensitive research material could be interpreted as promoting, facilitating and/or endorsing radicalism, terrorism or extremism and can put them at risk of enquiries by the authorities. In addition, the distribution, in any way (including electronically), of material that encourages or endorses terrorist acts, could create the risk of investigation and prosecution, even where material is already publically accessible elsewhere.

Staff and students are therefore strongly advised to take all reasonable precautions to ensure that their handling of security-sensitive research materials can be demonstrated to be a part of legitimate research and that appropriate secure storage solutions are adopted to mitigate the risk of inappropriate dissemination of the material.  Any Staff or Students who access such material are encouraged to inform their Head of Department/Faculty that they intend to use such material.  Inadvertent access should also be reported to the Head of Department for the avoidance of doubt.