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Research Strategy Office


Contacts for the University’s Interdisciplinary Research Centres (IRCs), Strategic Research Initiatives (SRIs) and Strategic Research Networks (SRNs).

Updated March 2022

Interdisciplinary Research Centres

Cambridge Centre for Data-Driven Discovery IRC Ellen Ashmore

Cancer IRC 

Ms Katie Edwards

Cardiovascular IRC

Dr Jane Sugars

Conservation IRC

Dr Diane Lister

Energy IRC 

Dr Shafiq Ahmed

Engineering Biology Dr Stephanie Norwood

Global Food Security IRC

Francesca Re Manning

Infectious Diseases IRC

Dr Maria Bargues-Ribera

Language Sciences IRC

Ms Jane Walsh

Neuroscience IRC

Dr Dervila Glynn

Public Health IRC

Dr Helen Watts

Stem Cells IRC

Laura Puhl

Strategic Research Initiatives

Cambridge Academy of Therapeutic Sciences SRI 

Dr Meghana Patel

Collections, Connections, Communities Dr Sophie Potter

Global Challenges SRI

Anthony Bridgen
Precision Health SRI Dr Nan Li
Reproduction SRI Ms Christina Rozeik

Strategic Research Networks

Digital Humanities SRN

Dr Anne Alexander

Immunology SRN

Nadine Hirst

Metabolic SRN

Angela Lumsdon