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The AHRC IAA Knowledge Exchange Fellowship Scheme promotes strategic partnerships with non-HEI organisations across the arts and humanities at the University of Cambridge. The fund supports partnership building with specific organisations such as (but not limited to) museums, theatres, social enterprises, NGOs, and government departments. Funds are available for a range of activities including teaching replacement costs, costs for incoming fellowships from the partner organisation, postdoctoral or administrative support, travel and subsistence expenses, and workshops. The scheme aims to allow researchers to create new partnerships with external entities more generally, collaboratively shape research agendas, contribute to future research funding applications (including match-funding for studentships in the DTPs), and further facilitate impact generating activities.

Applications are invited for up to c. £20,000, covering 100% of directly incurred costs but not indirect costs. The scheme intends to make up to four awards in 2023. Each award should not exceed twelve months duration.

Please contact the Arts and Humanities Impact Facilitator Dr Lucy Sheerman on to discuss project ideas and the application process.


The AHRC IAA Knowledge Exchange Fellowship Scheme supports sustained partnerships with non-HEI organisations that aim at defined strategic outcomes, such as collaborative research project applications, match-funding for studentships, structured dialogue with the partner organisation into the future.

Applications need to include at least one non-HEI entity (with their written expression of interest and commitment to the collaboration). Cash or in-kind contributions are encouraged (but not required) from the partner organisation to demonstrate commitment to the collaborative project.

Applicants are encouraged to think creatively about the kind of activities that might prove most effective, but examples include inviting senior staff members from the partner organisation to spend time in Cambridge, workshops to promote broader collaborations, or the placement of a postdoc or member of staff in a partner organisation for a defined period (exceptionally for this scheme including limited teaching replacement costs), as well as strategic planning and evaluation.

The fund will support staff costs, teaching replacement costs, postdoctoral and administrative support, venue hire, equipment, catering costs, travel expenses, accommodation, IT provision, and software development and licenses. It will not cover research seminars or lectures with academic speakers and a mainly academic audience, academic conferences with no clear Knowledge Exchange component or academic publications.