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Research Strategy Office


Restricted calls are calls in which the sponsor/funder requires the University to coordinate and/or preselect the applications that can be submitted for consideration. Typically these are calls where the number of applications an institution can submit, or the number of awards the sponsor will make, is limited. The sponsor may also have other requirements – e.g. that the institution ensures there is no overlap between proposals submitted to the same call. Some calls also request that the applications include a support letter signed by the Vice-Chancellor or the Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Research.

In light of this, the University's Research Policy Committee has set up a procedure for the internal management of applications for such calls and has tasked the Research Strategy Office with implementing the procedure.

Currently it may be difficult for the University to operate an effective selection process for restricted calls and therefore the number of restricted calls that the University can respond to will be limited. Further details of the supported restricted calls will be issued through the standard restricted calls communication channel once this has been agreed by the PVC-Research.