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Research Strategy Office


Cambridge has a deep-rooted culture of creating research impact through enterprise, collaboration and stakeholder engagement.

Our case studies illustrate the richness and diversity of our research impacts, spanning social, cultural, environmental and economic gains to society.

Research stakeholders

The impacts of our research benefit groups including:

  • government policy makers
  • public service providers such as defence, health, education
  • local government organisations
  • businesses
  • trade organisations and intermediaries
  • arts and heritage organisations
  • medical charities and patient support groups
  • other charities
  • individual citizens

Collaboration with research users in industry, public services and the third sector brings valuable new perspectives and knowledge to our research and is critical to maximising impact in many disciplines. Research impact is often multi-faceted, for example, research underpinning a new medical intervention could increase profits and employment for a business commercialising the research, reduce costs for the NHS, and improve quality of life for patients.

Stakeholder involvement in research

Stakeholders can contribute to research projects at many points throughout the project lifecycle, such as:

  • consultation on the initial concept, research questions and plan
  • steering the direction of ongoing research through advisory groups
  • translating findings into practice after the conclusion of the research

Further information and guidance

The Quick Start Guides devised by the Department of Engineering Collaborative Skills Initiative outline the issues to consider in developing research proposals and engaging with research users.

Knowledge Transfer and Partnerships Facilitators are employed in Schools and Departments within the University to develop and support partnerships with industry and other stakeholders. A full list is available here.

Further information and advice on engaging with research users and stakeholders is also available from the University’s specialist teams and initiatives described on the following pages.

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