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This call is no longer active

Isaac Newton Trust / Wellcome Trust ISSF / University of Cambridge Joint Research Grants Scheme

This scheme is aimed at newly independent principal investigators. The primary aim of the scheme is to provide support for newly appointed individuals to allow them to develop projects which will lead to a full application for external funding (e.g. project grant from a Research Council or equivalent). 

This scheme is open to newly independent principal investigators appointed between 1st January 2018 and 31st December 2021. The scheme is aimed at individuals whose research falls within the Wellcome Trust remit, which includes its Science stream, as well as its Humanities and Social Sciences stream. Applicants from the Plant Sciences will not be considered for the award unless they can demonstrate how their research falls under the Wellcome Trust science remit.

Details of what is required for this application can be found by downloading the form below. You are required to submit:

  • A research proposal (including the cost estimate). Applicants are asked to provide information on how COVID19 has impacted their work.
  • Your CV (including publications)
  • Statement of funding to date
  • A letter of support from your Head of Department, confirming that the Department will provide 25% of the project cost.

Budget available: Research grants of up to £85,000 in total are available under this scheme for up to two years.

Eligible expenditure: Directly incurred costs only. 

Please note that your department is expected to provide 25% of the project cost (of a total project cost of up to £85k).

  • The grants can be used to fund PDRA support (up to salary point 45), equipment and ancillary consumables;
  • PI time, travel costs, laboratory refurbishment and student fees are not eligible costs on these grants;
  • An X5 is not requested at the application stage, but it will be needed at the award stage. Please liaise with your Departmental Administrator to make sure the project costs are correctly calculated.

Successful applicants will be expected to prepare a final report within three months of the end of funding.  This should include research outcomes and details of how this scheme has led to subsequent research funding.

Application deadline: Monday, 1st November by midnight.

Please send your application and supporting documents to Paulina Pieprzyca at

If you have any enquiries prior to submitting your application, please contact Paulina directly at    

Project start date: Project cannot commence later than March 2022; and its maximum duration is 2 years.

The proposals will be judged based on the a) quality of research b) prospect of it leading to a full application for external support.

Please note that:

  • Previously unsuccessful applicants may submit an application if they can demonstrate how the new proposal is materially different from the previous submission in a covering letter;
  • Applications from previous award holders are ineligible;
  • Please note the unsuccessful applicants to this scheme cannot apply to the Isaac Newton Trust for support for the materially same project;
  • Successful applicants cannot apply separately to the Isaac Newton Trust for matching funding for their Joint Research Grant.

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