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The appointment of a full-time PE Coordinator for SBS/SCM has initiated capacity building activities and increased support for PE within research and through Patient and Public Involvement (PPI). As part of the overall PE provision, we have also funded workshops (e.g. on genomics research) and the interactive “Exploration Stations” project run by the Museum of Zoology.

In this new tranche of funding, we will further embed PE and PPI into the University’s research culture by continuing the full-time PE Coordinator role. Working with the RCUK Catalyst Seed Fund Coordinator, this role will support the development of PE strategies across all University Schools.

A structured network of PE professionals and engaged researchers will be convened by the PE Coordinator, working across WT strategic priority areas and acting as a central point of expertise. Advice on incorporating PE into grant applications will be provided, together with signposting to delivery platforms and access to a PE training programme including workshops and practical frameworks for articulating and evaluating impact. The PE Coordinator will manage the evolving PE Seed Fund, which supports innovative research-led PE projects and will work closely with the central PE team, CUHP and external providers.

Dr Charlotte Carroll will support researchers across the Wellcome Trust remit with public engagement (PE) and public and patient involvement (PPI) activities by providing offering bespoke advice and training on communication, grant applications and activity design. Charlotte will also continue to build upon existing support networks of researchers and PE/PPI professionals.

Please contact Charlotte for more information