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This scheme is no longer active

Bridging Funds

We award bridging funds to support early career academics requiring additional time to prepare their next application. These funds are specifically designed to allow the most able researchers to apply for competitive national funding, usually Fellowships. To apply for these funds, applicants need the support of the Department (that will be providing at least 50% of the total costs). Applications for support, together with a letter from the Head of Department, should be sent in the first instance to Paulina Pieprzyca at


The applications should include:

- CV;

- Project proposal (at least one page) including a) description of current project, and b) a note outlining the importance of receiving the ISSF funding in a current career stage and the future plans, e.g. what other funding /fellowships applicants aim to apply for and when.;

- Letter from Head of Department committing at least 50% financial contribution.


Applicants are specifically asked to provide detailed information on how COVID has impacted on their work and how this award will help remedy that difference.