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Large Grant Contributions Fund (LGCF) has been established under the stewardship of the Research Policy Committee (RPC) to encourage and support large collaborative research applications and maximise the University’s outward facing impact.

Requests for financial contributions from this Fund are considered by the Oversight Group, chaired by the Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Research and International Partnerships, and comprising representatives from Schools and non-School institutions. Funding will be provided for areas where it is not easy to get funds for such as widening participation and inclusion, developing links and working with less advantaged partners and similar.

The financial contribution from this Fund will be provided as additional and added value and not as a replacement of other financial or in-kind contributions. The Departments, Schools and Non-School Institutions are encouraged to provide financial and in-kind contributions to the same bid.   

Q. Who can apply

  • Research grant applications for funding of normally over £5M for STEM disciplines and over £1M for applications led by Arts, Humanities and Social sciences subject areas can request financial contributions from this Fund.
  • All applications have to include one or more external partners: another research organisation, a company, NGO or third sector organisation, government department or any other organisation. The application needs to be genuinely collaborative and to clearly articulate added value of the partnership. Funding is not expected to be matched by the partners.
  • Applications led by Cambridge PIs are eligible.
  • Applications led by other institutions where Cambridge is a major partner are also eligible.
  • Applications from Departments, Institutes, Centres and Non-School Institutions are all welcome.
  • Funding requests in principle, for applications which are being developed early in expectation of an upcoming funder call, can also request funding from this call.

The following areas are not eligible to request contribution from this Fund:

  • Leveraging funding for existing grant awards is not in the remit of this Fund. The application has to be at the development stage.
  • NHS, BRC, MRC Unit and similar type of block funding.
  • Applications for equipment and capital grants.

Q. What you can apply for

  • For applications led by Cambridge financial contribution of up to 10% of the award value may be requested from this Fund.
  • For applications led by other institutions, financial contributions of up to 10% of funding coming to Cambridge may be requested from the Fund.
  • Funding may be requested for activities that are complementary to the external funding and contributions from Departments / Schools / Non-school institutions.
  • Funding requests for activities that add value in the following areas are particularly encouraged and will be given priority:
    • Widening participation and inclusion
    • Improving partnerships locally / nationally / internationally
    • Capacity and capability building
    • Working with less advantaged partners.
  • PI time buyout is not an eligible cost for requests from this Fund.
    • Funding for core university posts (finance, hr and other administrative posts) and posts that should be funded from the grant (project manager, programme manager) is not an eligible cost for requests from this Fund.
  • Equipment is not an eligible cost for requests from this Fund.

Applications for Centres for Doctoral Training may request contribution from this fund to provide funding for specific activities, such as:

  • organising training courses that are not available,
  • providing students with experience not previously available,
  • enhancing Equality, Diversity and Inclusion of their programmes and similar.

Q. How to apply

To request financial contribution from this Fund please contact us by emailing as early as possible to discuss eligibility of your application and obtain guidance on the process. Please have to hand key information about your application – funder, submission deadline, application value, likely level of financial contribution you wish to request and how the funds will be used.

To be considered for funding, please submit the following to :

  • Internal application form
  • draft research grant application
  • confirmation of support from the Head of the Department – a letter or an email.

Requests for funding should be submitted as early as possible in the application process, and no later than 20 working days prior to the funder submission deadline.

Application form guidance

  • The applications should demonstrate how the institutional financial contribution will add value to the application and increase chances of success.
  • Requests for financial contributions will be approved only if the contribution increases the likelihood of receiving external funding.
  • Costs requested must be justified in the application.
  • The activities you wish to request funding for should be costed on the direct cost only basis; overheads or ICC do not apply.
  • X5 is not required for applications to this Fund. However, please consult your departmental administrator about costing your applications to ensure it is correctly costed.
  • If you need an advice on how to fill in the application form and address the priorities of the Fund please do not hesitate to contact us at .

Q. How your application will be assessed

Applications will be reviewed by the Oversight Group. Each application will be considered on its individual merits and a response will be normally received within two weeks of submission.

Only applications for activities that add value and justify the resource requested from this Fund will be approved. The value of the financial contribution will be decided by the Oversight Group based on the Fund priorities and the justification of the resources requested. The funding contribution will be provided as additional and added value and not as a replacement of other funding and in kind contributions.

Q. Additional information

Successful applicants to this Fund should inform us when the application to the funder has been submitted by writing to Once the outcome of the application is known, please let us know. If the application has been successful, we will arrange fund transfer to the relevant cost centre.

A first-year report and a final report on the use of the contribution from this Fund will be requested. Further information will be provided in the internal award letter.

If you have any questions or wish to express an interest in submitting an application to this Fund, please contact us at .