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Update on EPSRC IAA Funding - February 2022

EPSRC has awarded the University IAA funding since 2012, to generate impact from our EPSRC research portfolio through a series of impact support schemes which promote wider and more effective engagement with the impact agenda. The EPSRC IAA grant is managed by the Research Strategy Office, on behalf of the Pro Vice Chancellor for Research.

We expect to launch new calls for the EPSRC IAA in coming months. Guidance for the schemes we have previously run is included below for reference. 

Impact Grants 2022

Funding is available for short-term projects which will aim to create impact from prior EPSRC-funded research. Priority will be given to projects which relate to the focus areas below: 

  • Working with and through the Alan Turing Institute, the Rosalind Franklin Institute, the Henry Royce Institute and their network of user partnerships.
  • Support for activities which encourage business co-investment and enhance business/academic partnerships.
  • Impact activities which contribute to regional/place agendas 
  • Public Engagement where interaction is key to informing the research impact such as user or patient engagement as a critical pathway to achieving societal and/or economic impact

Applications are invited for feasibility studies, proof of concept development, knowledge exchange collaborations with industry or other non-academic partners, or other projects which have potential for economic and/or social impact. Funding is available in two categories as follows:  

Early Career Researcher Impact Grants 2022
This scheme is open to EPSRC-funded postdoctoral researchers and recent PhD graduates. Funding is available of up to £25,000 direct costs for projects of up to 3 months in duration. 

Impact Grants 2022 
This scheme is open to academic staff. Projects must link to previous EPSRC-funded research.  Funding is available of up to £40,000 direct costs for projects of up to 3 months in duration.

Applications will be assessed on a competitive basis, and must be submitted on either the ECR Impact Grants application form or the Impact Grants application form to by the deadline of 14th January 2022.

Short-term impact projects

Impact Starter Grants
This funding scheme provides funding for short-term impact projects of up to 3 months in duration and £20,0000 in value, either based at the University or on a placement at a partner business or other non-academic organisation.

Early stage commercialisation

Follow-on Fund
The Follow-on Fund is designed to support the early stage development of technology to make the idea more attractive for commercial investment. The fund is open to develop ideas which have arisen from EPSRC-funded research, which may be either research grants or studentships.

Flexible support for secondments and placements

Knowledge Transfer Fellowships
Funds are available to support 3-12 month Knowledge Transfer Fellowships. Each Fellowship will transfer knowledge and expertise linked to EPSRC research between the University and a partner organisation. The Fellowship will fund a researcher or member of academic staff to undertake a placement within a business or other partner organisation. Fellowships are also open to company employees to spend time working in a University department to facilitate knowledge transfer.

Contact us

Any questions about the EPSRC IAA can be sent to