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Submission of EPSRC Strategic Equipment Bids - Policy

EPSRC Strategic Equipment Bids (equipment over the value of £400,000) include two stages:

  • Stage 1: submission of a draft Business Case.
  • Stage 2: submission of a full equipment case to the Strategic Equipment Panel.

PIs are required to register their interest in applying for strategic equipment funding with the Research Strategy Office well ahead of submitting the application. The Research Strategy Office will provide an internal deadline to departments ahead of the EPSRC deadlines for this purpose.

PIs will be required to obtain full support of the relevant Head of Department and Head of School prior to registering their interest with the Research Strategy Office.

The PVC Research must give his/her authority to the submission of any strategic equipment applications in consultation with the relevant School Office.

If the application is invited to the full equipment case stage, EPSRC will invite the applicant to attend an interview and discuss the application.

If the applicant is invited to the interview at that stage, it will be agreed who will attend the interview – it could be that the relevant Head of Department or School as appropriate will attend the assessment interview of any shortlisted applications in order to demonstrate institutional support for strategic equipment applications. The Research Strategy Office will support the preparation for the interview if needed, by providing relevant information such as the institutional statement on equipment sharing and other advice as requested.

For further information and to register your interest in submitting a strategic equipment funding bid to EPSRC please contact Research Strategy Office at

The information about EPSRC Strategic Equipment Process is available here: