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Research Strategy Office


Purpose of funding

Cross-disciplinary research themes and funding calls are fundamental to the research and funding landscape. In responding to such calls, complex and high-value proposals often need to be put together within a short timeframe and in an increasingly competitive environment.

Resources are available to enable the preparation of large collaborative bids (overseen by the Research Policy Committee [RPC]).


The support offered by the Fund is flexible according to the needs of individual proposals. For guidance, an allocation of around £10k may be made to individual applications, although the sum available will depend on the value and nature of the bid. The kinds of activity that may be funded include:

  • Expenses related to convening collaborators, holding workshops and creating bid materials;

  • Short-term support for bid facilitation, consultancy fees, project management or administration;

  • Website creation or development.

A brief application form is available via the link below.

Potential applications should contact the Research Strategy Office to discuss the eligibility of their proposal: please contact Rosalyn Gregory or Gordana Najdanovic via

Applications will be reviewed by the relevant Heads of School and the Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Research, acting on behalf of the RPC.

A response will normally be given within two weeks of submission.


On completion of the bid preparation process, the leaders of the bid will be asked to provide a brief report for the RPC, including lessons learned regarding effective strategies and use of resources.

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