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Research Strategy Office


This is a Privacy Notice for anyone providing information for use by the University of Cambridge as part of its submission to REF2021. This applies to all information, including that relating to Impact Case Studies and which may be personal in nature.  This Notice is designed to provide guidance on how your information will be used

The information that you provide will be used to support the development and submission of the University’s return to REF2021. This may include the provision of information to external parties for the purposes of peer review in advance of submission, statements and data which may identify you. If any of these external parties are based outside the EU, any transfers of personal information to them will be carried out with appropriate safeguards to ensure the safety and security of your information

Once submitted to REF2021, the information may be published on public webpages and will be covered by the GDPR policies employed by REF2021.

The information you provide will be held by us in perpetuity for the purposes of the REF2021 exercise and any future reporting and analysis of our research activity.

Further details of REF2021 are available at:

Further to the above, your personal data will be subject to the University’s overarching GDPR policy: