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The BBSRC International Impact and Knowledge Exchange Award is now open to support knowledge exchange activity and early-stage impact projects with existing or new international partners, bilaterally or multilaterally, within the BBSRC remit.  

  • Call opens:  22 January 2024 

  • Call closes: 16 February 2024 at 16:00 

  • Awards: up to £20,000 per application (for larger requests please contact

  • Project start date: 8 January 2024- 31 March 2024* 

  • Project duration: Up to 5 months, with all expenditure and activity complete before 28 June 2024 

*This funding can be used retrospectively to cover recent eligible activity starting from 8 January 2024 

We strongly encourage contacting Dr Carmen Fernandez-Posada and Dr Lauren Maggs ( to discuss your idea in advance so we can provide tailored support and advice to maximise the strength of your application. 


Who can apply?

Funding is open to researchers employed by the collegiate University and with department affiliation. Project proposals must be within the BBSRC remit. Please note that previous/current BBSRC funding is NOT a requirement.  Applications from early career researchers (ECRs) as lead applicants are encouraged*. All applications must involve a group leader, either as lead applicant or co-applicant. 

*For the purposes of this call an Early Career Researcher (ECR) is defined as someone who is within eight years of the award of the PhD.  

What can be funded?

Please be aware that, due to funder budgetary constraints, applicants should consider any contract requirements and lead in times carefully as the spending and activity deadline of 28th June is non-negotiable.  


Funding is available to fund approximately 12-13 projects of up to £20,000 each. Please contact us ( to discuss projects with larger requests. Interdisciplinary applications are also welcome. Knowledge exchange activity should support international partnerships and porosity between academia and partners (e.g. industry, policy or third sector).  


Funds can be used for a wide range of activities, including but not limited to:  

  • Activities which leverage international partnerships to impact on policy, business and third sector practice (e.g. engaging with international stakeholders to influence their resources/procedures, encouraging adoption of your methods/guidance etc.). These activities can take place locally or abroad, in person or remotely. 

  • Validation of technology/process/prototype/models in a relevant environment abroad (e.g. crop field testing, testing models/diagnostics in real world settings or conditions etc).  

  • Engaging with international organisations through workshops/demonstrations to enable impact or knowledge exchange.  

  • Engaging with organisations in other countries to build connections with their local non-academic partners. 

  • Spending time at an international partner’s location for knowledge exchange (e.g. embedding research findings, understanding partner/user challenges or priorities), skills development or relationship building. 

  • Attending or hosting innovation summits/multistakeholder events with international partners to understand the needs of a particular sector. 

Application process

Application is via the online IAA Application System. Please provide: 

  • Outline details of the project in the IAA Application System 

  • A completed BBSRC IIKEA application form, including HoD signature 

  • A copy of the draft project costing from X5 

  • A letter of support from external partner (if applicable) 

  • Any additional documents, such as a Gantt chart showing the intended project timeline, as appropriate 

Please note the submission system only accepts PDF documents 


 To maximise the strength of your application, please :   

Working with Third Parties 

If your project involves working with external parties, please refer to the Working with Third Parties section of our IAA website. 


For any queries or advice, please contact: Dr Carmen Fernandez-Posada and Dr Lauren Maggs ( Please also contact us if you have a potential project which does not fit the timescale or budget for this call, as there may be future funding opportunities.