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Research Strategy Office


The University of Cambridge will be a partner in the new Sir Henry Royce Institute for Advanced Materials, a £225M investment with research centre in Manchester. The Institute in Manchester will be supported by six partner Universities including Cambridge, Sheffield, Leeds, Liverpool, Oxford and Imperial College London. The initiative covers a wide range of themes related to development and application of advanced materials and is focused on facilities and infrastructure.

The University of Cambridge is leading on the Materials for Energy Efficient Information and Communications Technology (ICT) activity while other partner Universities will explore:

  • Biomedical devices (Manchester)
  • Energy Storage (Oxford)
  • 2D Nanomaterials and Devices & Nanofabrication (Imperial, Leeds, Manchester)
  • Advanced Materials Processing and Materials for Demanding Environments (Sheffield and Manchester)
  • Nuclear Materials (Manchester, National Nuclear Laboratory and Culham Centre for Fusion Energy)
  • Chemical Materials Discovery (Liverpool) 

The Materials for Energy Efficient ICT activity led by Cambridge encompasses three main scientific fields:

  • Materials for Energy Efficient Energy Generation
  • Materials for Energy Efficient Energy Storage
  • Materials for Energy Efficient Use         

If you have any questions about this initiative, please contact Isabelle de Wouters at