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Research Strategy Office







School of Arts and Humanities / School of Humanities and Social Sciences

Dr Anna Cieslik (7)61365 Research Facilitator 
  Dr Julianne Pigott  (3)32474 Impact Funding Co-ordinator (Arts and Humanities)
Dr Konstantina Stamati (7)46516 Director of Cambridge Grand Challenges
  Sally Edwards-Waller (3)35212 Knowledge Transfer Facilitator 

School of the Biological Sciences

School Impact Team
Dr Vibhuti Patel (7)64799 Translational Research Manager
  Dr Diane Lister (7) 65192 Research Facilitator
  Paula Bibby (3)39321 Research Facilitator 
Plant Sciences
Joanna Wolstenholme (3)33956 Innovation and Enterprise Officer
Veterinary Medicine
Anna Davies Dr Anna Davies (3)31665 Research and Engagement Coordinator

School of Clinical Medicine

Office of Translational Research
Mellone Marchong Dr Mellone Marchong (3)36934 Translational Research Project Manager
Anita Marguerie de Rotrou Dr Anita Marguerie de Rotrou (3)35650 Head, Office of Translational Research
  Dr Estelle Bernard-Fichet (7)60004 Programme Manager
  Dr Alex Samoshkin (3)36802 Translational Research Facilitator
Dr Nicola White (7)48089 Translational Research Facilitator 
MRC Epidemiology Unit and Centre for Diet and Activity Research (CEDAR)
Oliver Francis Oliver Francis (7)46892 Head of Communications and Knowledge Exchange
Cambridge Institute of Public Health

School of the Physical Sciences

Yolande Cordeaux Dr Yolande Cordeaux (7)46896 Knowledge Transfer Facilitator
Materials Science and Metallurgy
  Dr Milla Kibble (7) 64076 Research Facilitator, DAMTP
Dr Stephanie North (7) 60414 Knowledge Transfer Facilitator
Turing Gateway to Mathematics (Isaac Newton Institute)
Jane Leeks Jane Leeks (7)65733 Knowledge Transfer Manager

School of Technology

Computer Science and Technology
  Dr Laura James   Industrial Collaboration Co-ordinator
  Helen Francis  (3)61429 Research Manager and Knowledge Transfer Facilitator
  Dr Derek Matthews (3)32834 Research Support Advisor
Cambridge Academy for Therapeutic Sciences
  Dr Paula Frampton (7)48044 Executive Manager
  Dr Andrea Walker  (7)65056 Research Facilitator
Maxwell Centre
  Dr Agnieszka (Aga) Iwasiewicz-Wabnig (7)61669 Director of Partnership Development
Milner Institute
  Dr Kathryn Chapman (7)67111 Executive Manager 
  Alison Schuldt (7) 67111 Global Alliance Manager
  Dr Becky Harris (7)67111 Drug Discovery Programme Manager 
Fitzwilliam Museum
  Dr Jo Vine (3)32924 Research Facilitator 

Research Strategy Office

  Dr Kristi Bain (3)39201 Senior REF Impact Co-ordinator 
  Dr Katie Griffiths (7)64987 Senior REF Impact Co-ordinator 
  Dr Marwah Hassan (3)35641 Senior REF Impact Co-ordinator 
Claire Higgitt Claire McGlynn (3)32403 Head of Impact Acceleration
  Dr Tina Basi   Social Science Impact Facilitator
  Dr Charlotte Sausman (3)32405 Senior REF Impact Co-ordinator
Stephanie Swain  (7)64987 REF Deputy Manager (Impact)

Strategic Partnerships Office

  Dr Phil Catton   Business Relations Co-ordinator
  Dr Jingchen Hou (3)36216 Research Analyst
Catherine Hasted (3) 32474 Head of Business Partnerships
  Asha Carpenter   Research Analyst