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Research Strategy Office


Information about the impact of the University's research is important to many of our stakeholders. One significant example is the REF (Research Excellence Framework), where impact accounted for 20% of the University's submission in 2014. It may well comprise an even higher proportion in the next REF.

Impact often occurs over long periods and may not begin until well after the underlying research is completed. Furthermore, the University may be asked for details of its impact many years later, when it can be particularly difficult to pull together the key information required. For these reasons, it is important to maintain records about impact, and to do so as the impact occurs rather than attempting to recover information after the event. To this end, the University has created an Impact Repository, which can be used as a notepad to record impact-related information (events, dates, references to other data sources, etc.) as it occurs. The Repository can be used to record all forms of impact, whether relevant to the next REF or not.